I was born in Washington, DC on July 28, 1969 at 11 3/4 pounds.  As a child, we moved around a lot.  I started kindergarten in Yorkville New York, then moved to Baltimore MD where I finished out the year.  When my parents divorced, my father moved back to New York and me, my mother and brother moved to Baltimore City to live with my Aunt Carol.  I  started first grade at St Elizabeth’s Catholic School and stayed until third grade.

At the beginning of fourth grade I moved to Chadwicks NY to live with my father.  fifth and sixth grade I went to a private Christian School in Utica, NY.  I moved to Sauquoit for seventh and eighth grade, the same school my father graduated from.  In the ninth grade we moved to Poland, NY and finally back to Sauquoit to finish out tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade.

During my time in New York, I was introduced to Amway and my first marketing experience.  I remember at a very young age, growing up with millionaires like Dexter and Berdie Yager, and Rich Devos and Jay Van Andal.  Watching these millionaires at Amway meetings left a lasting impression on me to be financially free.  I continued building the Amway business after high school but was not able to make much money.  Even still today, I believe in the Amway plan and how it is set up.  I also believe, that the reason I did not make any money with Amway was not because the Amway does not work but because I was not putting in the right type of action.  Instead of talking to people I did not know, I continued to try and get my friends and family involved in the business.  I remember always hearing, “Your next down line millionaire is somebody you have not met yet”.  I believe this holds true in any marketing business.  Sometimes you have to get away from your family and friends and concentrate on the people that you have not met yet.

A couple of years ago, I was looking at YouTube and came across a video from KEALA KANAE of AWOL University.  He began talking about Internet Marketing and how you could be a millionaire if you applied yourself.  Over the next couple of years, I began to learn about Internet Marketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing from people like Jono Armstrong, John Thornhill and many many more.   I purchased different types of training courses and software which has helped me learn a lot about marketing.  I have learned about video creation, video rankings, keyword rankings and seo.  These courses have allowed me to start a blog, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.  The training has also taught me how to get free traffic from all of the Social Media Websites.  What is better than free targeted traffic?  Nothing!

I have read about the top marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, and Jon Loomer.  Recently I have found another successful marketer named David Sharpe.  I have been taking his course called Legendary Marketer which helps people build their online marketing business.  I have been dreaming for years to build a marketing business in order to have a “lap top lifestyle”.  I want to help as many people as I can become financially free.  I believe the more people you help graciously, you will be rewarded.  Like the old saying goes, “you reap what you sow”  Online marketing is all about helping people fulfill their financial dreams and what better reason to start an online business.

Take care,

Mark Harvey

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