I  began my online marketing career in April of 2017.  I had no clue what a landing page was or how to generate a lead.  I began with a company called AWOL Academy.  I am not trying to put a bad name on AWOL but for a beginning marketer it was very expensive.  I spent over $1000 on courses from them, which does not include landing page builders, autoresponder, link tracking etc..  I purchased all of these but really did not know how to use any of them.  After two months of trying to get a lead and make any kind of sale, I left to find another route.

I found this company called Click Funnels.  I figured I would give them a try because they were offering a 6 month special for $997.  I heard a lot about them, and Russell Brunson was supposed to be the best.  I continued with them for about 6 months building funnels, trying to get traffic but still no sales.

I continued to research online marketing and finally got some good training from a company called Crazy Eye Marketing.  For $47 per month I was able to at least start learning how to drive traffic, how autoresponders work, it was the first time that I was actually learning how online marketing/ affiliate marketing really works.

I talking to affiliates on Warrior Plus, JV Zoo and Munchey.  During this time I spent thousands of dollars on software and courses, you know the shiny objects.  Over and over I heard how easy it was to make thousands of dollars with no experience, no website, and no money.  But for some reason I still was not making any money.

I found two affiliate marketers named Jono Armstrong and Branden Mace which all of you have heard of.  They both were making a lot of money online and their courses and training was second to none.  I purchased a lot of their top software courses to name a few: “Aurora, Octane, Profit Maximizer, Fuego Breakout, Commission Gorilla, and many more.  I began to understanding what I needed to do to start getting those buyer leads.    You all have heard the saying, “the money is in the list”, and all I had to do was get myself in front of a camera once a day and talk about affiliate marketing, what I have learned and the struggles that I had been going through.  In order to build a strong buyers list, the world needs to know who you are, where you came from and what you look and sound like because people need to see and listen to a real live person.  Let me repeat that again, in order to start building a strong buyers list you need to sit down daily record yourself talking and teaching affiliate marketing or any niche you are promoting.  After that is done, simply upload it to your youtube page where the world can see you.

Until next time,

Mark Harvey




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