Over the last two years I have been struggling with Affiliate Marketing.  I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of software, some good, some bad and some was a waste of money.  We all see emails in our inbox telling us this is the greatest software that you will ever purchase.  And like most marketers, we open the email and it really looks like it will work.  You know why that is?  It is because they are great copy writers and most of us love to buy those shiny objects.  People buy based on emotion, then justify it with reason.

I have all my products and software on a word document.  Every software that I have purchased from Warrior Plus of JV Zoo is listed on a word document. Some are really great products and software but I know I have not done the things I need to do to succeed in this market.  What do you think the most important action in affiliate marketing is?  In any marketing, the most important thing that  you need to do is to get the world to know who you are.  Al you need to do is take your cell phone and video tape yourself every day talking about you niche.      

Why is it so hard for people to video tape themselves?  I think fear is one of the things that prevent people from getting in front of a camera.  But these days there is hundreds of products that make videos without you ever having to stand in front of a camera.  The one thing I continue to hear is 95-98% of marketers quit withing the first year.  For me I have never thought about quitting, I know that I will break through and make my millions.  All we have to do is stay the course and continue to take action.

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